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It is our great honor to hold the 2013 International Convention on QC Circles (ICQCC 2013 Taipei). The 4-day convention will take place in the Taipei International Convention Center from 2013/10/22 to 2013/10/25.
The annual convention is a major event in the quality control circle (QCC). People from the QCC around the world, sponsors of activities from the QCC, and people who would like to know more about it can all get together in the convention to learn and discuss with each other. With the participation of 13 member states, the convention has been held once a year every year since 1976. The convention to be held in 2013 is the 38th annual convention. With all these activities held over the past decades, the achievements will definitely be outstanding.
The QCC activities have been held in Taiwan for over 40 years. The TQM is based on these activities. For a long time, QCC activities have been commonly and deeply rooted in enterprises’ work places in Taiwan, especially in medical institutions. They have been a great help to enterprises and played an important role in the economic growth of Taiwan.
Taiwan has been actively participating in all kinds of activities from other International Conventions on QC Circles. The 1977, 1980, 1983, 1988, and 2001 Conventions were held in Taiwan. In 2013, the Convention will once again return to Taiwan, sponsored by the Association of Pioneer Quality Control Research.
The topic of the 2013 International Convention on QC Circles is “Continuing Implementation of QCC Activities, Moving toward a Brighter Future for the World!”. It is expected that discussions during the Convention will improve the standards of the QCC and contribute to the QCC activities around the world.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2013 International Convention on QC Circles. There will be reports of outstanding achievements in the QCC, sharing of successful stories, and presentations of relevant theses. We look forward to your participation and sharing at the convention. Thank you!

Convention News

ICQCC 2013 - Taipei : Program Outline


Download Program Outline


ICQCC 2013 - Taipei : Presentation schedule


You can download presentation schedule from the following link:


►Download presentation schedule (NEW, 2013/10/15 updated)



♦ If there are changes in the presentation schedule, it will base on the convention latest announcement as standard.



ICQCC 2013 - Taipei : Useful information

 You can download useful information from the following link:


  ►Download  useful information 


  ►Download  Facilities Map of Taiwan Taoyuan Internation Airport 

 ►Download  Taipei Sightseeing 



ICQCC 2013 - Taipei : Paper Instructions Available


 You can download the paper instructions, as well as evaluation criteria from the following link:

 ►Download  presentation instructions 


Delay to notice the result of screening before the end of April!


Due to the fact that each delegation and participant fully supports ICQCC-2013 Taipei, we received lots of application forms. It takes more time for us to screen all the papers. We apologized that we will be delayed and notify you the result of screening as soon as possible before the end of April. We feel very sorry for your inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!  


Out of Office Notice


PQCRA as well as the Secretariat for the ICQCC-2013 Taipei will be closed from Feb 9 to 17 for Chinese New Year holidays.  We will come back at our office on Feb 18. Meanwhile, should you have urgent matters, please don't hesitate to contact with us by e-mail to: pqcra@pqcra.org.tw. We will reply to you when we come back at our office on Feb 18.
Thank you for your understanding.


ICQCC 2013 - Taipei : Call for Papers


Please present your completed case studies in accordance with the following five categories at ICQCC 2013 – Taipei for all participants to share ideas and learn from each other.


We call for papers under the following categories:


(1) Improvement case studies of QCC

Presentation by employees of the workshop reporting improvement case studies through Quality Control Circle activities.

(2) Improvement case studies for middle-level managers (QIT)

Presentation by middle-level managers of the workshop reporting improvement case studies through Quality Improvement team.

(3) Promotion case studies of QCC

Presentation regarding how to effectively promote Quality Control Circle activities, and survey analysis of Quality Control Circle activities.

(4) Total Quality Management (TQM)

Presentation dealing with small group activities under TQM promotion, and/or linked to TQM activities such as Quality Assurance, Policy Management etc,.

(5) Others


※ Only categories (1) and (2) will be able to join the competition stream.



Please submit your (circle's) preliminary application form with 300 words English summary of your paper by fax at +886-3-427-2550 or e-mail to pqcra.taiwan@vigorman.com.tw / pqcra@pqcra.org.tw before Feb. 28, 2013.








Special Thanks to Coordinator Organizations Worldwide

  • Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), Malaysia
  • Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), Japan
  • Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM), Bangladesh
  • China Association for Quality (CAQ), China
  • Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI), India
  • Indonesian Quality Management Association (IQMA), Indonesia
  • Korean Standards Association (KSA), Korea
  • Productivity Improvement Circles Association of the Philippines (PICAP), the Philippines
  • Singapore Productivity Association (SPA), Singapore
  • Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Quality & Productivity (SLAAQP), Sri Lanka
  • The Association of QC Headquarters of Thailand (QCHQ), Thailand